Joe the King

Describe one example, from the movie Joe the King, of how the biological, psychological, and societal systems interact for Joe’s family. Consider whether or not there were cultural influences, such as messages from family, community, or ethnic group, on these three systems.

Biological Factors

You are the social worker for Joe’s family and are tasked with completing a family assessment.

  • What are all of the biological factors in play for each family member?
  • How might these biological factors influence family dynamics?
  • How might these biological factors interact with relevant psychological or societal systems?
  • Be between 250-750 words and be written in third person as much as possible. However, the third person should not be used as a way to still refer to yourself. Try to keep your response neutral and focused on the key components relative to your discussion.
  • Be free of grammatical and spelling errors.
  • Contain at least one academic reference and citation to support your analysis.

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