Crist Trauma Response Portfolio

Crist Trauma Response Portfolio

Create a section in your Crisis Response Portfolio called “Sexual Assault and Violence.”

  • Review the Case Conceptualization you created for this week’s Assignment.
  • Review local and national community resources for sexual assault and interpersonal violence to support and consider for a safety plan.
  • Use the Walden Library to find 3 evidence-based practices for working with trauma

Assignment: Part 4:

In your section called “Sexual Assault and Interpersonal Violence” of your Crisis Response Portfolio, include:

  • A safety plan example using the client in the case conceptualization from this module’s assignment.
    • Please remember that Maria in this case is a parent and you will want to address her as such by including safety of the child, both sexual abuse and domestic violence.
    • If you are working with the child, please include how you will work with Maria for safety planning with the child.
    • Please be sure to address sexual assault and interpersonal violence in your safety plan.
  • A brief summary of local and national community organizations that provide resources for sexual assault and interpersonal violence.
  • Three Evidence-Based Practices (EBP) for working with trauma survivors.


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