Applying Big Data Analytics To Quality Assurance

Applying Big Data Analytics To Quality Assurance

Consider how big data can impact health care decision making. It is important to note that big data collection must be accurate and done in way that meets needs of the organization. Big data collection is a big task and health care organizations must have the personnel with the skills to analyze and transform the data. Successful data analysis and transformation is proven to improve quality and patient safety. Now take a moment to review the following videos on how data are used.

  • Why Big Data Is About Making Better Decisions. (
  • How Big Data Could Transform The Health Care Industry. (

After watching the videos, consider how these concepts can improve quality and safety. Next, research published data from a credible source such as CMS, AHRQ, or other health-related databases. Review the data being gathered and consider how these data can be applied to health care organizations to improve processes that provide quality assurance.

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