Advocating for Social Change and Impacting Legislative Action

Advocating for Social Change and Impacting Legislative Action

Your ultimate goal of becoming a clinical mental health counselor means working with clients to help them understand and work through their issues and strengthen their overall well-being. A critical part of your development as a counseling professional involves learning about emerging issues your clients may be facing and using your unique position to impact positive social change.

Advocating for social change starts with choosing your message and getting the word out. The methods for making the public aware have progressed from flyers, brochures, and poster sessions at conferences to advocating online, including blogs, wikis, and social media. However, the central goal of these communications remains focused on presenting the issue and the goal as clearly and succinctly as possible. Using these skills to advocate for change, especially legislative action, can have widespread impact on you and your current and future clients.

This week’s Discussion has two components. First, you will develop skills to become an effective agent for social change by creating an informational product advocating for a particular population or issue that interests you. Then, you will take the next step by contacting an elected official to share your material and advocate for legislative action.

INFORMATION YOU NEED: Veteran Mental health issues are extremely important to me.

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