writing appeal letter

here is outline:

my mother had lung cancer at 2014,and had a tumor in her brain before 6 months. at that time, my mother did not eat food and hardly talked to me. in order to heal my mother, i always flighted with my mother to USA to heal the lung cancer when i come university. because my father is too busy to run his company, he did not have time to flight with my mother. #write the detail of because i need to flight with my mother and waste the time to study.

because i am international student and freshman , i need time to adapt the new culture , environment and new way to study #write the detail how hard to adapt the new environment and new way to study

also i need spend time to companion my mother and to be honest, the rate of survival is pretty low. so i was very sad during that period # write the detail i was sad so I can not focus on study.

but i try my best to study and manage time to study. i did better than the first quarter. but it not good enough. # detail how i try to change

my mother is better right now, so i will do will on the next quarter

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