write a 4 5 paragraph essay about the graffiti art quot big city of dreams quot by tristan eaton in soho ny

Formal Analysis Essay

Graffiti art: “Big City of Dreams” by Tristan Eaton in Soho


– Clear thesis and snapshot in the introduction. A very specific definition of graffiti art, so that it can explain why this work is successful.

– Describe the form (observations) of the work in detail.

– After each element, describe its effects on the viewer and/ or its meaning (inferences). Make sure that these effects are concrete, specific.

Body paragraph:

– 2-3 paragraphs (can combine formal analysis with either location or audience paragraph)

•One paragraph about the piece itself and your formal analysis of it.

•One paragraph about the site itself (the context of the work) ( Describe the location in detail and analyze the effects of the location)

•One paragraph about the audience (incorporate audience reflections in another paragraph. What is the significance of what the audience has shared with you? Why does it matter? Do you agree or disagree with it?) (The interview is attached)
– Formal analysis paragraph should be 1st body paragraph. this could include discussion of location (which is, essentially, part of the contect).

– include a quote analysis from the outside source and cited in Chicago style.


•Final reflections can go into the conclusion. You may revisit your ideas from the other paragraphs, but don’t just summarize what you’ve said.Make a meaningful connection between what you’ve discussed to what’s important.

•Discuss broader context: For example, how does this work relate to other pieces?How does this work fit into the evolution of public art?

•Discuss personal experience: Did this work change you in any way? How does this work affect the way YOU think about public art?

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