world history research paper

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This is end semester research paper at my world history class.


The world has changed a great deal over the centuries. Today, thanks to the Internet, television, airplanes, global marketing, and other factors, people around the globe are more connected to one another than ever before.

As the world becomes more connected, people also become more aware of problems and current issues throughout the world. Finding solutions to global problems is a major goal of international leaders. In this lesson you will begin to research current topics of concern in a country or region.


While studying World History, you came across a number of issues of concern in the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. You will do a research project on a current topic of interest in one country or region of the world outside the United States.

You may present the project by way of a PowerPoint presentation. If you have the capability and it is approved by your teacher, you can also present the project as a video documentary. Include in your presentation your position on why you think this issue is important enough to be a current topic. Before you choose a topic for your project, you will review some information relating to each topic. You should also briefly research each current topic of interest before making a final choice. Follow the directions in the Student Guide.

You will submit your final presentation in the Wrapping Up, Part 4 lesson. Your teacher may request that you make revisions to your final project and resubmit the project in the Finalizing the Project lesson.




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