what are two contigenvy models in topic

APA format writing, 3 or more references and proper citations in paper

a, write up to 600–1000 words that respond to the following questions

with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. This will be the foundation

for future discussions with your classmates. Be substantive and clear,

and use examples to reinforce your ideas:

At your next scheduled lunch meeting, Rae Marie continues to share challenges with her transition to her new leadership role as the Vice President of Operations for MyShoppingSpreeTV. Based on the current climate of her department and its declining productivity, she questions her earlier career success. She is having doubts about her current leadership capabilities needed for her new role. For several years, Rae Marie, a former colleague and long-time friend, had been a successful manager for a company you worked at together years ago. You witnessed her previous successes and have confidence in her leadership.

She confessed, “what if I had been successful in the past because of the great economy?” “The techniques I used in the past do not seem to be working here.”

You acknowledge that all organizational situations and climates are different, and what is required in one situation will not always work in another.

On the Discussion Board, consult with your classmates and

offer your recommendations on how to decide the best course of action

and the leadership style needed for different situations. For this

discussion, you must research Fiedler’s contingency model and

Blanchard’s situational model. In your discussion, compare and contrast

Fielder’s contingency model and Blanchard’s situational model. Evaluate

the course scenario (the situation at MyShoppingSpreeTV), and identify

which of Fielder’s preferred leadership styles is most applicable to

this situation. For full-credit, you must address the following in your


  • How can Fiedler’s contingency Model and Blanchard’s situational model be applied in different organizational settings?
  • In which type of organization would you recommend the utilization of Fiedler’s contingency theory of leadership or Blanchard’s situational model? Explain why.

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