Weight Management Health

Weight Management Health

On your journey, you are learning about the new Integrative Medicine approach that requires a new type of patient and a new type of health professional. Your learning process is taking you through the perspectives and responsibilities on both sides.

You learned that healing is very personal, and requires intention, attention, observation and knowledge to activate the process withing ourselves.

Health professionals are guides, and co-creator of your healing experience, but the drivers is you.

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As a subject of your paper, you can choose any topic related to health psychology and/or self-care inspired by your inner dialogue.
It can be a topic you know, which you want to explore deeper.

You have complete freedom at two conditions:  It has to be relevant to the theme of the course; it has to be intellectual with a component that is emotional and personal, and a component that you will want to share with the rest of the class. 

Your assignment submission should be 1500 words, double spaced, in length.

The Paper should be formatted as following:  intro, body, and conclusion. It should contain proper grammar, be free of spelling errors, and reflect observation, introspection, and critical thinking.