Week 7 Counter Terrorism Activities Analysis

Week 7 Counter Terrorism Activities Analysis

In examining course materials, the various methods to counterterrorism are introduced and the need to remain vigilant in the ever-changing face of terrorism is reinforced. To demonstrate the ongoing counterterrorism efforts globally, identify a current event, reported by a news source within the last 12 months.

The selection should focus on anti-terrorism activities or counterterrorism activities and include some an appropriate level of detail for an analysis to be completed. The news source can be a written news article published on the internet, a video news source, or audio news source; any selected source should be cited.

  • In a brief, 3 to 4-page (not including cover, abstract, or reference page) paper discuss the current event you have selected, specifying the counterterrorism activity that was carried out, thwarting a potential terrorist attack.
  • Include a summary of the major points presented in the selected news source.
  • Close by discussing the global efforts in counterterrorism and how these efforts affect the presence of terrorist activity.
  • Include at least four (4) scholarly sources

Papers should be formatted in APA style, including separate title and reference pages that are not counted in the 3 to 4-page minimum. In-text citations are required in addition to the reference page.

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