web page design adding content pages

Using the attached flowchart and sample home page, create at least four web pages that will link to the sample home page and one another. Each web page should include at least one or more items from directions below. You will need to include the following:


Each web page should use the proper DOCTYPE, html, and CSS coding to allow the pages to view properly in the browser window.

Each page should include the proper name of the page in the title of the web page.

Each web page should be saved using the extension of .html or .htm consistently.

At least, one page should show the use of the box model for page style and structure.

At least, one page should show some basic inline CSS to style the page. [This can be a simple inline code element or a CSS internal style sheet]

Within your pages you should create a navigation that will allow the user to move easily from one page to another and back without becoming stranded on any one page.

You should incorporate at least one image, one data table, and one list item.

You should use at least two type fonts, one serif and one sans serif consistently throughout your web pages.

You should use at least one color, either in the background or within the heading or body of the web page consistently.

When you are finished, you will need to save your work and upload all of your files to the server. [Remember to include any images, illustrations, and all .html pages]

Post your URL address to the discussion thread.

Before you leave the classroom, check your work to make sure all of your pages are loaded. This is your final design. It is your responsibility to make sure that your work is completed and all of the files are uploaded correctly.

Write a one-page summary of your work.  This summary should focus on the process of your work, not the content of the web site.  Give details.  You might consider some of the following when writing your summary:

What were the goals of the web site? 

Did you meet the goals? 

How did your design decisions affect the target audience? 

Can the target audience easily navigate this site? 

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