Value of Children and Childhood

Value of Children and Childhood

In the audio story (which can be found in the link below),. This story examines the way that the value of children and childhood has changed over time. In essence, the meaning of childhood has changed over time.

For this assignment, talk with someone from your grandparent’s generation and ask them about how parents and other adults treated them when they were children. What type of work (both inside and outside of the home) was expected of them as children? How do they characterize their relationship with their parents? What else would you like to know about regarding their childhood?

Then, compare the experiences of these older adults with your own childhood experiences. What type of work was expected of you? How have approaches to parenting and childhood changed from their generation to yours?

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Based on this conversation, write a 3-4 page discussion of your observations. Also think about what other variables (class, race, gender, region, immigrant status, etc.) might also be related to differences (or similarities) in your experiences. Keep in mind that these experiences are not representative of entire generations, but use your sociological imagination to try to understand why things might be different during your childhood compared to theirs.

Audio Story: