university of phoenix questions

Would you be able to answer questions from The University of Phoenix Online class. I would gather that the answers may rely on the text. Please let me know.

University of Phoenix Material

Building and Strengthening Teams Worksheet


Respond to the following prompts in 75 to 100 words each.

1.What are some examples of different roles and needs within a team? How can these roles and needs affect the process of teamwork?

2.Describe the different phases of group development. Provide an example of a situation for each phase.

3.What occurs during the process of group development? What factors contribute to the facilitation of group development?

4.What are 3 or 4 strategies for strengthening teams? How do these strategies assist in team building?

5.What is group cohesion? What factors contribute to group cohesion? How can you enhance group cohesion?

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