unit 9 discussion 1

Riverbend City: Debriefing and Cost Effectiveness

After you have viewed the Riverbend City: Shelter and Nursing Home Debriefing Mission media, address the following two issues in your discussion post:


  • Identify additional concerns related to cost in the mission scenario. Think about how the leaders can manage resources better next time. What impact does good financial management have on an organization and all its stakeholders?
  • Suggest solutions to the cost concerns. Discuss how to sell stakeholders on your solutions. Justify these with what you learned from course readings and your own experience.
  • Summarize how to align individual and organizational priorities with the needs and values of the community relative to cost-effective actions and behaviors.
  • Recognize and discuss financial factors and cost-effectiveness needs in the community-based scenario.

Please Follow APA.

And No Plaguiarism

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