unit 6 psychology


Your participation on the Discussion Boards is important to the shared learning experience. It improves the value of the online learning experience, and it is important for your success in the program. Please follow the guidelines and expectations posted in the announcements to ensure your posts are meeting the length, depth, and formatting requirements for Discussion Board.

After reading the required Reading for this unit, choose one behavior theory that was discussed. Go to the Library and find a peer-reviewed article about that theory. Read, reflect and evaluate on the information shared in the article. Share your thoughts on the information about the theory discussed in your article. Apply an example of how the theory would be supported in your personal or professional life.

After completing the reading for this week, please answer the following:

Define a subsystem of behavioral analysis and explain some of the challenges which face applied subsystems. As a clinician, how would you address these challenges? Explain the two primary functions of an applied subsystem and give examples of how these apply to applied behavior analysis.

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