u s history questions

Please use “Out of Many” volume 1 by Faragher and “Voices of Freedom” volume 1 by Foner answering the following questions: make sure that your answer is not less that 2 pages for each of the questions please. No other sources should be involved in your answers to these questions.


note that you can find the outlines of these books online for each chapter.

1) The American Revolution 1776-1786

What were the major alignments and divisions among Americans during the American revolution? What were the articles of Confederation Congress play during the revolutionary war? How did the states serve I was the setting for significant political change? What was the economic crisis in the aftermath of the American Revolution? What tensions and conflicts existed between local and national authorities in the decades after the American Revolution? How was the first national government established under the constitution?

2) The south and slavery 1790s-1850

how did America’s economy develop in a world of warring great powers? How did the divisive war of 1812 end colonial dependency? How did Westward expansion become a nationalizing force? How did the slave system dominate southern life? What were the economic implications of “King Cotton”? How did African Americans create communities under slavery? What was the social structure of the white south?

3) The Growthof democracy and population trends 1824-1840

what part did the transportation revolution play in unifying the nation? How was the basic two-party pattern of American political democracy established? How did writers and their audiences create a distinctive American cultural identity? What was the nature of the market revolution? What effects did industrialization have on workers in early factories? In what ways did the market revolution change the lives of ordinary people? What new social problems accompanied urbanization and immigration? How did reformers respond to social problems?

4) The territorial expantion of the United States 1830s-1850s

How did the political effect of expansion heighten sectional tensions? How did the concept of manifest destiny affect continental expansion? How was the frontier development i how did the political effect of expansion Hyten sectional tensions? How did the concept of manifest destiny affect continental expansion? How was the frontier development in Oregon, Texas, and California similar and different? What are articles eight and nine of the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo and discuss their impact on the Mexican people.

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