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Twitter allows users to communicate information in updates of 140 characters or fewer. Some companies use Twitter or similar tools for status updates. When writing with a strict limit on characters, every word counts. You must say what you mean and mean what you say. One of your Twitter followers has expressed an interest in Technical Communication. He has asked you to keep him updated on your coursework since he might be interested in registering for the same class next semester.

Provide a brief introduction outlining information about Twitter that you have researched. Write an activity report in 140 characters or less for each module of class so far including this week’s Module for a total of 6 posts of 140 characters each. Submit your micro-status updates to me (“your Twitter follower”). Please note, “characters” — not words!

List of weekly modules:

Module 1: Communicating in the technical workplace/letters and memos.

Module 2: Readers and Context of Use/Technical Descriptions and Specifications

Module 3 Ethics in the Technical Workplace/Designing Documents and Interfaces

Module 4 Researching and Managing Information/writing Analytical Reports

Module 5 Proposals/Plain and Persuasive Style/Revising and Editing

Module 6 Activity Reports/Organizing and Drafting






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