Topic Issue: Gun Violence Issue in the US

Topic Issue: Gun Violence Issue in the US

Now you are working on your formal report, which is a problem-solution issue. These types of reports are commonly distributed internally in companies and may even go outside the company. The report is a description of something that is/has been an issue, what may have been done so far to solve the issue, whether or not these solutions have been successful/partially successful, and then thinking about any other solutions that may be considered (new thoughts) or whether the present solutions are workable with adjustments.

For this report, you will have to use MLA or APA, CONSISTENTLY in your paper. The most important thing to remember is that all information that you borrow, whether quoted or paraphrased, must be cited internally and externally (Works Cited or References). IF I see a source used in the paper, I have to be able to find it on your list of sources used to write the paper, and vice versa. Beware of “chunking” your information. The idea is to get information from multiple sources and then synthesize according to your purpose and order.


In this paper, you are defining a problem, showing us how it got that way (background/history), analyzing criteria for a solution, proposing solutions, and choosing/arguing for a chosen solution(s). The problem may involve an institutional or technical problem, or public policy issue that you have worked on in the past or considered. It may be something related to an organization that you belong to, or a job which you previously held or currently hold, or it may be in an area that you are interested in. Another way to look at this paper is that you are making an argument for a solution to a problem that you think deserves our time/attention and telling the audience why the problem deserves the time and attention. This paper requires critical thinking skills, writing skills, and analytical skills.

Headings should be used in this paper, whether you are using APA or MLA format. They should be as listed below:

The Problem- a brief paragraph defining the problem and any terminology not known to the general public. What is the scope of the problem? Who? What? Why? This is also your introduction to the paper, so consider a “hook” (startling fact, question, anecdote, etc…).


Background of the Problem- Basically, a history of the problem….When did it first occur? Where? Why? Who is affected? Why should we care? This is where students use most of their sources.


Possible solutions- What has been tried already? Where? Did it work? How well?


Recommendations- Do you have any additional ideas for a solution, or can we use one/a few that have already been tried, with modification? What is the cost or investment? Who will pay?


You will need to use valid sources and visuals for this paper. You will have to decide the most effective use/placement of your visuals but ANYTHING that is not your own information must be cited. You must also follow APA or MLA format and be consistent.

So, to reiterate:

· Problem-Solution, related to your field of study or career interests

· 5-7 (or more) valid sources, used appropriately and cited correctly internally and externally

· MLA or APA format, used consistently and correctly

· 2 visuals (charts, graphs, pictures) cited appropriately (Where did you borrow them from?)

· Should be a least five pages, NOT including the visuals and Works Cited (References) page

· Appendix added If necessary

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