Things Can Also Be Different & Cultural Lens

Things Can Also Be Different & Cultural Lens

1: “Things can also be different” Discussion

People who knew Alfred Adler personally often recalled his saying, “things can be different”. Adler, an optimist, believed and relayed to others a belief that life can be different, can improve, and that we can improve and become different.

In Adlerian psychology, there is only one improvement that counts – and that is an individual improvement in a context of and by improving the lives of others. Based on this week’s reading, please be prepared to discuss:

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  • If you were to present a self-improvement workshop for extremely discouraged, burned out, and underpaid staff of a homeless shelter, what would be your ten points of practical, uplifting, rich, and convincing advice to them?

2: Cultural Lens Discussion

When all original posts for [6.1] are posted, please view your week’s reading, your classmates’ discussions, and your own post with the cultural lens – your culture, others’ culture. Please discuss the following:

  • What do you now see that you have not noticed before?
  • How might a cultural framework change the conversation?
  • What did speak to you as a cultural being in your classwork this week?


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