the volkswagen scandal

I will start this posting by saying that I’ve known many individuals that own or have owned a VW diesel car, and have, up until the scandal loved them! Most have previously commented that they love the fuel economy and the fact that they were marketed as “clean diesel” vehicles, and even received a MD state credit for driving environmentally friendly cars – the same credit that Toyota Prius drivers received.

Below is a CNN article, “The Volkswagen Scandal in 2 Minutes.” Do you see any similarities between this situation and Enron? Copy and paste the link below to your browser to watch.

  1. What ethics were at play by the leadership of VW?
  2. What about the employees that designed and installed the software?
  3. When the “cheating software” is in place, it hides the fact that the vehicle is producing polluting emissions that are 40 times above the legal limit. Is it that important to make a dollar today, and knowingly contribute to the destruction of the same environment you and your children have to live and breathe in?

Post your thoughts and comments to the above questions.

There is a compilation of news reports on the video feed in this article. Some are very good providing a timeline of the discovery of events, others are worth watching. Unfortunately, there are 15-30 second commercials in-between each video. I suppose there’s opportunity everywhere to make a buck! Question is: “Is there any moral responsibility to do something without a profit motive in business”

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