The Rise of Psychological Subfields

The Rise of Psychological Subfields

In addition to military testing, applied psychology contributed to the emergence and growth of several other psychological subfields such as clinical, counseling, school, and industrial-organizational psychology. Today, the field of psychology continues to branch out in such areas as sports psychology, in which therapists work with individuals to help them be more successful athletes.

In addition, psychology has developed as a field in which individuals perceive an intrinsic link between social justice, social change, and psychological well-being. Many contemporary psychological professionals are researching and working to ameliorate social problems such as racism, discrimination, and ignorance, which are often based on the idea that certain individuals are inferior to others. Psychological subfields such as feminist psychology and cross-cultural psychology seek to provide scientific evidence that mental capabilities and processes do not indicate any inherent superior or inferior qualities that justify racism, discrimination, and ignorance, for example.

For this Discussion, choose one of the following psychology subfields: clinical, industrial-organizational, school, counseling or one of the social change subfields.

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Post by Day 4 a brief description of the historical development of your chosen subfield. Then, explain its primary contribution(s) to the larger society in terms of how the subfield is practiced today.