The Reflections of A Palestinian Immigrant Living in Boston MA Essay

The Reflections of A Palestinian Immigrant Living in Boston MA Essay

Using the concepts that Goffman describes in his book, Stigma, write an essay describing what your life would be like if you had some kind of stigma(an autobiography). Write your essay in the first person, and describe your plight, your dealings with others, others’ dealings with you, the difficult situations you have had to deal with, the techniques you use and have used to deal with others, how you have felt about yourself, what you believe others have felt about you, the philosophy you have used to deal with your problem, your view of your life, and any other pertinent information you might want to include.

The chosen stigmatized person can be an ex criminal, a burn victim, a drug user, etc. You can you use a racial stigma, a religious stigma, or a combination of a social stigma and a racial religious stigma.

Among the concepts you should consider using are the following:

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  • virtual social identity,
  • actual social identity,
  • stigma,
  • stigma identity,
  • discredited, discreditable,
  • tension management,
  • information control,
  • the own and the wise,
  • courtesy stigma,
  • normalization,
  • normification,
  • moral career,
  • passing,
  • covering,
  • disidentifier,
  • visibility,
  • personal identity,
  • social identity,
  • ego identity,
  • in-group alignment,
  • our-group alignment,
  • identity norms,etc.