The Module Sociology

The Module Sociology

In a 2-page paper (saved as a Word document or PDF file), please address the following 6 bullet points about this week’s module. Your responses to these bullet points will eventually ground your writing in Paper 3.


  1. Summarize the entirety of the module’s lecture in 5-10 sentences.


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  1. What did you know about the module’s lecture topic before you began the module?
  2. What did you learn about the module’s lecture topic by completing the module?
  3. What do you still not understand about the module’s lecture topic, despite completing the module? (i.e., what questions remain for you?)


  1. Summarize the entirety of the module’s research article in 5-10 sentences.
  2. How does the module’s lecture topic connect to the research article? (Be specific. For example, identify the lecture ideas/theories that are relevant to the research article and explain why they are relevant.)

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