the achievements of augustus essay

Need help in writing a history essay. Read and analyze historical document (ATTACHED) to demonstrate understanding of their content in the context of western history.

Prompt: How did the first emperor of Rome, Augustus, benefit the growing empire. Write a well-developed essay discussing/analyzing at least 3 major contributions (with examples) of how Augustus benefited the Roman empire. Do these make him a great emperor, if so why?.


-Essay format posted attached: 1) an introduction with a thesis, (2) at least 3 paragraphs of body discussing the evidence for your thesis, (3) an interesting conclusion.

– The Achievements of Augustus Document

-NO PLAGIARISM, NO OUTSIDE SOUCES (only sources posted from me)

– Grading rubric


– Use academic language (no first person “I” or “me”)

– Use quotations from the primary sources to argue your points strongly

– Use footnotes to cite the primary sources

– Clearer thesis than last time

– More in depth analysis

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