Study on Multiple Baseline Design Discussion Paper

Study on Multiple Baseline Design Discussion Paper

In an interview, a young mother reflected on her use of Facebook, saying, “You’re kind of curating your life, just these very specific moments, the best of the best that you’re putting up there with no context.” Journalist Shankar Vedantam reported, “All of this curation had a negative effect on Rachel, and she’s not alone. A recent study showed that spending time on Facebook increases our feelings of social comparison.” Source: Why Social Media Isn’t Always Very Social…

Imagine that you want to use a small-N design to test the impact of social media use on your own behavior.

For this assignment: design and describe a study, in which you need to change one of your social media habits (for example, stop using Facebook or Instagram for a certain period of time); this variable is your predictor or independent variable. Then, you need to think about the outcome or a dependent variable that you might be interested (e.g., mood, study habits, or some aspects of social life). Decide on a research question that interests you, and describe a small–N study (i.e., stable baseline design, multiple-baseline design, reversal design) that would test whether changing some aspect of your social media use impacts the behavior you are interested in. You do not need to conduct the study, but your response needs to contain the following points:

  1. Research question
  2. Your DV and IV, definition and measurement
  3. The type of small-N design that you are using and why? (stable baseline design, multiple-baseline design, reversal design)

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