Sociology One Health in Agriculture Paper

Sociology One Health in Agriculture Paper

Policy Brief: Your Title (NO TITLE PAGES NECESSARY)



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Identify the issue in your podcast topic. What background information do we need to know to understand what is going on? You will likely be focusing on Canada/US or a global issue. Give us some basic information here to introduce us to the issue. End this section by telling us what the current state of the issue is, or in other words – where are we with the issue today?


Is this issue contentious or controversial in any way? Who is involved in this issue? Does everyone agree on this topic/issue? If not – what are their positions? This should not be a simple pro or con section; these issues are more complex. You may find that some groups focus on aspects of the issue and identify them as important versus other parts. Look at what different non-governmental organizations, multilateral institutions, companies, research institutes, etc. are saying.

This is a good spot to look at so-called “grey literature” which is from non-governmental organizations, research institutes, government, interest groups, etc. Be consistent with the scale you are focusing on – especially in the next section. For example, if you are focusing on migrant labour in Canada – your analysis should not be talking about an interest group in Europe. They likely do not discuss the same policies or issues. If you are talking about a global issue, you should be looking at international organizations, but you can still add the perspectives of countries that are very vocal or have a strong interest in your issue.


How do you make sense of this topic/issue using your “sociological imagination”? This is where you must apply concepts/theories from class/other readings/your research you have seen to explain the issue. How and why did it come about? For example, does something about culture, race, neoliberalism, etc. help us better understand the issue? Where does the issue fit into the broader social/political/economic structure/relationships/patterns? Look at your corresponding week’s lecture to find concepts if you are at a loss. This is where you will be using a lot of academic articles to understand your topic/issue conceptually. In other words, this section is academic article heavy, and more abstract than the others.

Recommendations (can be in point form)

Based on what you presented in this analysis and the evidence your provided, what do we do? These should not be out of left field; your previous sections should be building up to this point. This should not be a long section.

References (do not count toward your 1500 words)

You must have academic and grey literature (government/research institutes/etc.) in your assignment to support your claims and provide evidence. Remember that this is not based on your opinions or gut feelings. You must do the research!

Academic = peer reviewed articles, academics books

Grey literature = government websites/sources, non-governmental websites/sources, policy institute websites/sources, multilateral institution reports (i.e. UN or FAO)