Sociology of Gender Discussion

Sociology of Gender Discussion

Instructions: Please answer the 4 following questions in essay form. Please write a minimum of 1 page to answer any question. Minimum of 2 sources

4. Critique and comment on the question: “Does gender inequality come from individuals or from social structure?” Assume for a moment that you are in an executive position. Propose ways to eliminate or reduce gender inequality in the United States.

5. What do you understand by gendered work? With examples, provide the advantages and disadvantages of gender-diverse teams in the workplace. What was one surprising gender outcome in the 2016 Presidential Election in which Donald Trump defeated Senator Hilary Clinton? Section C

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6. Define what gender-based violence is. Individuals may often ask why a woman in the context of domestic violence does not leave her husband or partner. In as much detail as possible and with examples, indicate why leaving an abusive relationship may be difficult for an individual?

7. Although intimate partner violence is present in almost all societies, research shows that it is especially high in Arab nations. Why is intimate partner violence much higher in Arab societies than in others? In your answer, comment on (a) low reporting of incidents of intimate partner violence; (b) cultural, and related factors; (c) family structure and practices, (d) lack of policies at the government level; (e) Gender differentials in educational attainment.