Smarter Decision Making through Psychology

Smarter Decision Making through Psychology

Since you started PSY101, Smarter Decisions through Psychology, you have had the opportunity to learn about fascinating topics, including the brain and nervous system, emotions, motivation, and stress management (Strayer University, 1). As you learned the psychological concepts and principles covered in this course, you’ve gained insight into what influences decision making and how you can apply what you’ve learned to make better decisions in your own life and career. Through your study of psychology, you’ve also started honing two essential employability skills:

· Problem solving to identify and frame problems, explore ideas, and create effective, ethical, and evidence-based solutions based on psychological concepts and principles (Strayer University, 1).

· Self and social awareness to monitor one’s own and others’ emotions, to discriminate among them, and to use the information to receive feedback, reflect, and guide one’s thinking. (Strayer University, 1)

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In this journal, you will share your reflections on your time in PSY101 by answering the questions below. For each of the questions, write a paragraph-length response (5–7 sentences).

As you write your answers, remember to use the Strayer Writing Standards to document your sources in the source list and provide in-text citations as you paraphrase or quote.

Note: This assignment asks you to reflect on what you have learned from the course, including the webtext and other resources. It does not require research or use of additional sources. However, if you choose to use information from an outside source (including, but not limited to, information in Blackboard or videos) you must cite that source in the text and provide an SWS source list. You must also cite your webtext and enter it into your source list.


Question 1: As a result of this class, how will you immediately apply your problem-solving skill at home or work? Write a paragraph with two examples of how you can immediately apply your problem-solving skills at home or work.




Question 2: As a result of this class, how have you grown in terms of your own self and social awareness skills? Write a paragraph with two examples of how you have grown in your own self and social awareness.









Question 3: Of all of the Strayer videos, which one was most relevant for you? Why? Write a paragraph that clearly identifies one of the videos and why it was relevant to your life. Remember to use the Strayer Writing Standards to provide a citation and source for the Strayer Story video that you write about.







Question 4: What is one psychological concept that you have learned in this class that was most helpful to you? How will you use this concept to succeed in your personal or professional life? Remember to use the Strayer Writing Standards to provide a citation and source as you write a about the concept that you learned.





Enter Source List Here (If Needed)