Slavery White Supremacy and Stereotypes

Slavery White Supremacy and Stereotypes

Write a one and half page explanation that is a critical analysis of the selected virtual museum exhibition below while using selected course readings that will be attached to talk about Slavery and the connection to white supremacy and stereotypes. MUST INCLUDED A BIBILOGRAPHY IN ANY CITATION (MLA, APA,ECT)

Exhibit Seven: Slavery exhibition created by the New York Historical Society. This exhibition is online. Once you are on the website “,” click, “Exhibitions,” then click “Online exhibitions” and look for: “New York Divided: Slavery and the Civil War” (it will be on page 2 of the list of online exhibits). This exhibition includes videos, images and written analyses.

In your first paragraph in Part I and in Part II, name the exhibit, briefly describe why you found this exhibit interesting or informative, and list the theories, concepts, arguments or data/material that you will use to analyze the exhibit, making sure to include the name of the articles and authors.

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Body (of the essay) Layout: – After your first paragraph

1) Begin every paragraph by first referring to some aspect of the video/exhibit that you want to analyze, and make it clear that this information comes from the exhibit, by just saying it’s from the exhibit. Then, in the same paragraph, use your chosen, theory, concept, material etc. to discuss/analyze this aspect of the video you have just referenced. This is where you cite from the reading, and if you are using a theory or concept, where you briefly define it, before you use it, not forgetting to cite

. 2) In your successive paragraphs, begin with, “Another aspect of the video I will discuss is…” or words to that effect. Or, “Another set of images I want to discuss are…” This is the format to use until you write your brief conclusion

3) Please don’t write long narratives from the readings at the beginning of every paragraph in the body of your essay, as your main points will get lost. Keep it simple: (1) an aspect from the video/exhibition and (2) your theory, concept, material etc. to analyze it. Remember to define a theory or concept before you use it in your analysis.

4) In the body focus on a different aspect of the exhibit/video to analyze. Don’t analyze the exhibit “generally,” but pull out specific aspects of it to analyze, using your theories/concepts, arguments data and material of choice.

5) You must cite in the body of your essay, and when you describe material from the videos or online slavery exhibits, cite by just referring to the videos, or slavery exhibit (do not list the web link).

6) Your conclusion in Part I and in Part II should only be a paragraph.