short answer questions 15

There is 5 questions i need a short answer fro each

1/ The 1st amenndment protects many forms of free speech.One form of symbolic speech that the supreme court has protected as constitutional is burning an american flag . do you agree with the court that burning an american flag should be protected by 1st amended?why or why not ?

2/ Prior to the voting right act of 1965, many barriers to voting existed,such as poll taxes and literacy tests. what barriers to votung do you see exising today,if any? How should we overcome these barriers as a state and country?if you believe no barriers exist,then how would you increase voter turnout?

3/ Describe how the media shape public opinion.What are consequences of the media’s influence on public opinion? Do you think yhe media shapes public opinion too much ? too little ?Why? How influenced is your opinion of government / politics by the media

4/ How do age ,education race and ethnicity , gender , martal status, and being a government employee affect one’s likelihood of voting?For three of these demographic characteristics,explain why it affect turnout . What would you do to improve voter turnout? What specific steps would you take yo implement your idea?

5/ Define and explain the establishment and free exercise clauses . Why are these necessary to maintain the separation of church and state ? Why are these important to American society?

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