separate but equal

Objective: Students will examine various Civil Rights cases and evaluate how the interpretation of the 14th Amendment effected the outcome of the case.

Throughout the Civil Rights Movement the rights granted by the 14th Amendment were continually challenged within the southern territories of the United States. Using the sources provided in this module and under the Course Resources, focus on the issue of “separate but equal” and select a court case that reflects the changing interpretation of the 14th Amendment and how: based on the time period, state, context of the case, and outcome- prepare the following information:

Starting with the Constitutional language of the 14th Amendment, go to Cornell University Law school and read the 14th Amendment in its entirety:

Then look over:

1st Post: Select a case and post a summary to include the information/focus from the objective.

  • Include the title in your subject line and attempt to provide a variety of cases for the class to choose from.

2nd & 3rd Post: Read though your fellow classmates posts and select two cases (other then your own) to compare/contrast based on the time period, state, context of the case, and outcome. Don’t forget to support your analysis with quoted material from primary/secondary sources.

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