Schizophrenia Paper

Schizophrenia Paper

For this assignment, you are required to find two journal articles, each using a different technique, and compare and contrast their findings. The two articles should be related to a similar topic in biological psychology (neuroscience).

Title Page: must follow the APA 7 format for students.

Introduction: (1 to 1.5 pages) Here you should provide background information about topic. The introduction should grab the attention of the reader about the topic. You may refer to review papers, meta-analyses or systematic review articles in this section. You may also refer to credible websites for providing information such as statistics, incidence, prevalence, economic impact, etc. or By the end of the introduction, state the purpose of paper. The purpose of your paper is related to the objectives of each of the two studies, but it should go beyond their objectives as you compare and contrast their findings. You will lose points if you do not provide proper and adequate background information about your topic or do not clearly state the purpose of your paper. You should write in a clear and well organized manner with coherent transitions between paragraphs.

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compare and contrast: (2.5 to 3 pages): In this section, you need to compare and contrast the two articles point by point concerning all the following issues: aims/objectives of hypotheses; methodologies including clear and complete information about the participants, their demographics; sample size and how the participants were recruited, selected, and categorized; outcome; the equipment (MRI, DTI, fMRI, etc.) that were used to measure the outcomes; procedures; research designs; and findings. Do NOT include the statistics reported in the articles, instead compare/contrast the main findings of the two articles. Your marks will be earned by the quality of the compare/contrast and logical flow of information. There should be coherent transitions between paragraphs. Use of proper in-text citation is expected as you go back and forth between the two articles

Conclusion: (2 to 2.5 pages) In this section, you need to elaborate on the findings of the two studies. While you just briefly stated what each article found in the previous section, you provide more details in this section, explaining whether the findings of the two studies complement each other or conversely contradict one another. In addition, discuss the limitations and strengths of the two studies regarding their: research designs (for example, cross-sectional vs. longitudinal), the instruments used to measure the outcomes (for example, MRI vs. CT Scan), the procedures involved and the sample size. You should also comment on the internal and external validity of each study. In addition, explain the implications of the findings by discussing practical applications that the research findings have for everyday life or policymakers. The last paragraph in this section should be your concluding remarks: Describe taken together what the findings of the two studies demonstrate and explain what future direction should be taken, considering limitations discussed of specific gaps that still exist. Your marks will be earned by displaying critical thinking and depth of insight, accuracy and logical flow of information. There should be coherent transitions between paragraphs.

Topic: Schizophrenia

Technique: MRI and DTI