sample questions class religion

There are 25 multiple choice questions. and 11 short answer questions

The Final Exam will include FIVE of the following ten short answer questions, as well as 25 multiple choice questions. Questions that are not used as short answer questions may be used in a different form as multiple choice questions.

1. What are two of the main arguments that the Catholic Church gives against ordaining women as priests? What are two arguments that are made for ordaining women as priests?

2. Explain the difference between the natural law and covenant law.

3. In our reading, the author Jay M. Hammond provides a brief definition of a sacrament, involving three parts: A sacrament is (1) a sign (2) instituted by Christ (3) to give grace. In your own words, explain what two of these three parts of the definition mean, according to Hammond.

4. Drawing on our reading and class discussion, explain why Christianity is concerned with issues of social justice and proposes teaching on these issues.

5. In the Christian tradition, Mary is often portrayed as a symbol for the church. Explain this idea.

6. What is Christian feminism? What makes it Christian? What makes it feminist?

7. Christians disagree on the question of how to think about non-Christian religions and whether non-Christians can be saved. In this question, explain the difference between inclusivism and pluralism.

8. The Second Vatican Council (1962-65) promoted the universal call to holiness within the Catholic Church. What is the universal call to holiness and how did it represent a change in the practice of the Catholic Church?

9. Explain the meaning of three of the “models of the church” proposed by the theologian Avery Dulles.

10. Explain the difference between a priest, a bishop, and the pope.

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