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Chapter 2 Problem 9

Discuss the role of a centralized training and support facility in a modern organization. Given advances in technology and the prevalence of self-training and consulting among computing end users, how can such a centralized facility continue to justify its existence?

Answer: In any business or in modern organization centralizing is very important. In modern organization self-leadership is very important. Centralizing of the power in planning and control in new thing in modern organization. Advance in new technology make much easier for organization to trained new employees. New Technology allows organization to equally distribute the work among all the employees, quick decisions, and great flexibility.

Chapter 3 Problem 5

Consider reports you might receive at work (e.g., budgets or inventory reports) or at a university (e.g., grade reports or transcripts). Evaluate the usability of these reports in terms of speed, accuracy, and satisfaction. What could be done to improve the usability of these outputs?

Answer: I consider Inventory reports. To improve the reports in terms of speed, accuracy and satisfaction it needs proper planning, design and analysis. Reports should produce daily to keep work faster and to support the organization. If some reports cannot get it done faster online, it can be done by hand, and sometime it works faster than online.  All the repots should be handy all the time when needed. Technically sometimes you can lose all your work, but if its hand it can be fast and satisfy your needs.




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