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You basically just responding to the student reflective post

Student paper down below:

What I learned from other’s postings?

Like with most posts on the discussion board, I find that the majority of students tend to have the same reflections when it comes to subject matter such as this week, but I think that it is presented in such a way as to allow for deeper thought processing. For me, this is what sparks my thought process about criminal justice, victims, offenders, and treatment so understanding how and why crime can happen is essential to the whole learning process as a student furthermore engaging with differing attitudes and thoughts allow for deeper conversations about the sensitive material that we are currently learning about. Victims are touched in some different ways when crime is involved like domestic violence so learning other student’s experiences and prospective adds to my learning experience with a better understanding of how I can advocate for victims as I pursue my future professional life.

Most Compelling Topics

I found that some of the most compelling topics was the amount of problems that these offenses cause to not only the victims but to the perpetrators, family members, possible employment opportunities and society in general. The taxing load on the criminal justice system is of some concern however it seems that more judges are pushing for therapy and rehabilitation for the accused because this has become an epidemic for society. Those who are in the criminal justice system as offenders are in need of some type of substance abuse therapy and mental health assistance.

Participating in Discussion Boards

I think that the type of opinions that are found in the discussion board are geared to provoke interesting debates among students while encouraging us to think on our own about the topics at hand. Learning about different types of therapeutic modalities gives insight to the subject matter allowing for someone to think differently about the topic that is being discussed.

Additional information and Clarification

I found that the information was covered well which led me to have a full understanding of my fellow student’s points of view. As with most subjects covered, I would have liked to have more time to further my own research about this particular subject because I think that it is important to understand the challenges that victims go through after a violent crime. It is equally important to understand what drives a person to commit acts of violence in relation to drug offenses and to be able to get the interventions that they so desperately need.

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