research paper 580


This is a research paper for my HRIS class.


Overview: Your organization is contemplating the purchase of a new human resource information system and has tasked you with formulating a proposal. Organizational details for you to consider for this assignment are as follows:

  • There are a total of 500 employees at the site; 450 non-exempt employees who clock in and out each day, and 50 exempt employees who do not use a time clock and are paid a standard weekly salary.
  • The organization has an electronic time capture and payroll system already in place that is:

– Manually updated when employees are hired or terminate employment

– A stand-alone application, not interacting with any other database system

– Maintained by two full-time payroll administrators, reporting to one payroll manager

  • Human resource records are primarily paper-based:

– Employee personnel files are maintained in file folders

– Personnel files are manually updated with demographic, performance, and disciplinary information

– Demographic data is available currently in an Excel database, which is manually updated

– Personnel files are maintained by four full-time human resource clerks, who are non-exempt and report to the full-time HR manager


I have attached a document with all necessary information


Thank you for your help.

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