Racial Inequalities in Education

Racial Inequalities in Education

Hello, I need with my Sociology assignment. I need a 1 page single-spaced paper based on the construction of inequalities in everyday life through our routine interactions with people and institutions, in various settings, situations, regulations, and conversations, or by reporting/reflecting on a film, lecture, or other event related to some form of inequality.

– If you have witnessed/identified a moment where an asymmetry is created (involving you or another person, BUT NOT one you heard of from another source, i.e. media) write about it using the following format.


1. Give the details of the situation in the first half of the page: a description of what you noticed or experienced or a description of the film plot, lecture content, event, etc., using everyday language.

2. Critically discuss this situation/event in the second half of the page, drawing on lecture and reading material (at least one citation needed) and using sociological/academic discourse.

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