Psychology of Consulting and Coaching

Please provide individual references


Topic: Group Coaching

DQ 1

What are the most significant differences between group and individual coaching?

DQ 2

What are the most significant challenges for developing individuals in a group coaching setting?


Topic: Organizational Consulting

DQ 1

What are the most significant differences between organizational consulting and team member coaching?

DQ 2

What are two of the best practices for developing and applying a training intervention in organizations?


Topic: Conflict Management

DQ 1

Conflict in organizations, at all levels, is implied as being negative. Is there a time when conflict is considered positive? Explain.

DQ 2

If you were a consultant, how would you resolve conflict between team members?


TOPIC: Leadership, Power, Politics, and Influence

DQ 1

How do the different types of power, used by leaders, affect employees of the organization?

DQ 2

What leadership style has the most positive influence on employee performance and morale? Explain.


TOPIC: Ethical and Multicultural Issues

DQ 1

What are the most critical ethical dilemmas that consulting psychologists face today? Why?

DQ 2

Consider the research design and methodology expressed in Chapter 3 of the Martin dissertation. Would a similar design and methodology be suitable for your intended dissertation study? Why or why not?

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