project managment discussion post 6

Answer the questions below min 300 words

Job role definition becomes increasingly important as projects grow in size and complexity. One of the tools available to project managers is the RACI chart.

Review the following RACI Chart and address the questions:

Are there clear delegations of authority?

Are there multiple decision points within a single task/process?

Would the team have questions about who does what?

Is the Accountability level unclear?

Task PM Engineer Construction Mgr Consultant Project Sponsor
Engineering A A I R C
Permits A C I R C
Site Prep R R R C C
Procurement A R C C C
Delivery C A C R C
Construction C A R C C
Electrical A A R C C
Demolition A R C C I
Testing A A C C I

To answer these questions, please reflect on the following article:


Viswanathan, B. Understanding Responsibility Assignment Matrix. Retrieved from

First Post Due: (5/9)

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