primary source

For the first assignment, please read through these primary sources. Select one of these sources for analysis. Then write a 500-word essay announcing your selection and answer this question: What does the document tell us about this period in history? Please try to use the textbook for context. If you choose to quote from your document, you must cite the source using APA in-line citation. Your choices are:

  1. Jean-Baptiste Colbert, “Memorandum on Trade” (1664)
  2. Samuel de Champlain, “Voyages” (1604)
  3. St Francis Xavier, “Letter from India, to the Society of Jesus at Rome” (1543)

Please be specific in explaining which primary source you chose in your introduction. Consider the kind of document, who it involves, what countries and period of history it reflects, and what it tells us about history in terms of institutions, people, and ideas. For instance, if it is a letter, describe who is writing to whom, and why. If it is a diary entry or report, explain the conditions for writing it.

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