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The links between poverty and child health are strong, extensive, and pervasive.   Virtually all aspects of health are worse among children living in poverty.   Did you know that across the board, children from poor families are around 3 cm shorter than children from affluent families.   Children from poor families are more prone to infections, particularly to respiratory and gastrointestinal infections, wheezing & asthma, failure to thrive in infancy, middle ear disease, dental caries, vision loss, teenage pregnancy, and injuries.   The poorer the nation’s families are, the unhealthier the nation’s children are (Reading, 1997) .


Home environmental health risk and pollution of indoor residential air are recognized as sources of injury, illness, and death.   Household activities, such as smoking, frequency and use of air fresheners, cleaning products, and pesticides can affect indoor air pollution.   Lead based paints were used in approximately 70% of homes built before 1980.   People who had higher blood-lead levels were older, of Black or Mexican race, male, less likely to have a high-school education with lower income, more likely to consume alcohol, and less likely to exercise.   Can you recognize carbon monoxide poisoning?   Carbon Monoxide is a tasteless, odorless, colorless gas that comes from any appliance or vehicle that burns gas.   Nurses can teach about carbon monoxide and the importance of detectors in the home.   It is important that nurses be knowledgeable about home health hazards to be able to instill primary prevention (Davis, 2007) .


Childhood obesity cannot be overlooked as an environmental issue.   There exists a clear disparity between the haves and have nots when it comes to health and nutrition.   Families with limited resources turn to food with poor nutritional value due to the low cost.   Many low-income families live in unsafe neighborhoods where physical activity would be dangerous, reducing opportunities for children to run and play.   Their neighborhood markets are very rare, instead fast food low nutritional options are the majority.     To solve the obesity rates, the social and environmental factors must be addressed (Blumenthal, 2012) .  


The leading cause of illness and death for adolescents are largely preventable.   The choices young adults make is strongly influenced by their social influences.   Family, school, neighborhoods, and media exposure are examples of social/environmental factors (“Adolescent health,” 2016) .   This makes me wish we did a better job at protecting our children, especially the helpless child of poverty.






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