Pop Cultural Representations of Mental Illness

Pop Cultural Representations of Mental Illness

Why are pop cultural representations (books, films, television, etc.) of mental illness important?What sorts of consequences do they have?

This assignment asks students to respond to a question of significance within the world of mental health and illness. In a maximum of two pages, using a 12 point font and double-spacing, please answer ONE of the following questions. You are required to make use of (and properly cite) at least TWO chapters from the textbook An Introduction to Mental Health and Illness: Critical Perspectives in your response. Please ensure that you write in complete sentences and paragraphs.

The assignment will be graded on overall quality rather than a precisely defined rubric.We are interested in how well students understand the material as well how effectively they communicate

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Please be sure to use APA-style parenthetical referencing. Details on that style can be found here: