Pima Relationship BW Teamwork and Performance in Healthcare Teams

Pima Relationship BW Teamwork and Performance in Healthcare Teams

Teamwork Assignment  


Imagine you were just hired as a new supervisor at a healthcare organization. You are used to working within a multidisciplinary team on various projects. However, this organization has never used workplace teams. Therefore, you are to write a persuasive paper for creating a team to work on your next project. The paper will be read by your supervisor and the points from it will also be conveyed to your teammates.

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Write a 1 ½ – 2 page paper which covers the following.


  1. Explain why the organization should utilize workplace teams. What are the advantages? Are there any disadvantages?
  2. Describe the various types of teams for the organization to consider (executive, problem-solving, self-managed, cross-functional, and virtual teams).
  3. You are especially interested in creating virtual teams. What are the advantages and disadvantages of virtual teams?
  4. Describe how you would motivate employees to embrace teamwork, especially from remote locations. Example: would you use video conferencing? Online project tracking software?



Make sure your paper includes:


  1. Clear introduction, body, and conclusion. Introduction should present your thesis, which is why workplace teams should be used at this organization.
  2. All points listed above
  3. In-text citations and a references page
  4. Specific details from your book and other sources used to support your points.





Points Possible: 35

25 points for content as outlined above

5 points for writing mechanics, including punctuation, capitalization, grammar, and spelling – LEVEL 3

5 points for clear, organized paper structure, references, and in-text citations.


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