Parent teaching newborn care

Category 1 Point 0.5 Point 0 Point score
Complete Fair Incomplete
Teaching Goals

What are the priorities?

Appropriate teaching goals listed for chosen topic. Plan specifies priority of goals. Teaching goals are relevant for new parents. Teaching goals for topic not clear. Priority of goals not specified or incorrect. May or may not be relevant to new parents. Teaching goals not listed or not relevant for new parents.

Goals not prioritized.

Content Outline

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What will you teach?

Content outline in bullet points. Information presented in logical order. Some of outline content does not follow logical pattern. No logical order to content outline.

How will you teach the content?

What modalities will you use?

Methodology chosen is appropriate for content information to be taught. Methodology appropriate for content information but utilized incorrectly. Methodology not identified or inappropriate for content information.

Why have you chosen modalities?

Reason for chosen teaching modality(ies) explained. Teaching modality identified but no rationale provided Teaching modality not identified on plan.
Evaluation of learning.

How will you determine if teaching/learning goals were met?

Defines how the student will identify that the teaching/ learning goals were met. Measurement of teaching/learning goals defined but not feasible No plan of measurement to determine the teaching/ learning goals were met.
Presentation Speaker communicates with enthusiasm. Presentation is well organized and easy to follow. Language is clear and precise; good choice of descriptive words Speaker presents teaching content with lesser degree of engagement, organization, and clarity. Speech does not convey interest in topic. Lacking in organization. Difficult to follow teaching instructions.
Subject Knowledge Subject knowledge is evident throughout the project. All info is clear and correct Knowledge is evident, but some info is confusing and/or incorrect Very little knowledge is evident-most info is confusing and/or correct.
Parent Teaching Handout 1 Point 0.5 Point 0 Point
Writing Mechanism The text is clearly written with very few errors to detract from content. The text is clear but there are a few spelling and/or grammar errors are noticeable. Spelling and grammar errors make content confusing
Layout The layout is pleasing to the eye, appropriate, to the message, and uses space well.

Handout provided adequate but not overwhelming summary points. Clarity, creativity, and logical progression of the presentation; 8th grade level

The layout uses most of the space appropriately. Lacking creativity and logical progression of content Most of the handout is easy to read. The layout shows some structure but the space is not used well, appearing cluttered or empty. Overall readability is difficult.
References At least 2 professional references listed in APA format Only 1 professional reference listed, minor APA error No professional references listed or listed with APA errors

Rubric Total 10 points:_____________________/10 Points