Online Quality Improvement Initiative

Online Quality Improvement Initiative

You are the manager in charge of leading the new data-driven quality  improvement initiative in preparation for a Joint Commission (TJC)  accreditation visit for AKT Hospital. In preparation for this visit, you  will create a 3-4 page newsletter for your staff discussing the purpose  of health care statistics. The newsletter will be a creative approach  to presenting staff with the new data-driven quality improvement  initiative in preparation for the TJC accreditation visit.

The newsletter should include the following:

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  • A summary of at least 2 real-world articles related to quality improvement initiatives in health care in the United States.
  • A discussion on TJC and why organizations seek accreditation in general.
  • An example of the types of data that will be considered as part  of a data-driven quality improvement initiative for health care  entities (specifically hospitals).
  • The role that descriptive and inferential statistics play in  the data analysis process for improving quality of care. Use real-world  examples.