need help with discussion 6

1) What is the purpose of public relations writing? Find three examples of organizations that are using public relations. Examples might be a press release announcing a new product release, community relations, or any effort to maintain the organization’s corporate identity.

In your post, describe the purpose for each organization and answer the following:

  • How well was the PR message written?
  • Did the message follow the public relations strategy? Why or why not?
  • Was the message good public relations writing, or only mediocre?
  • What improvement suggestions do you have?

Use the text and/or additional resources to support your rationale.

2) Visit the corporate or social media website of an organization that has been in the news during the last two years as a result of some type of crisis. Examples are British Petroleum (BP), the National Football League (NFL), the National Basketball Association (NBA), Southwest Airlines, the Red Cross, J. C. Penney, etc.

Explain the company’s crisis and identify the public relation’s objective. How did public relations writing influence public opinion? What ideas or suggestions do you have to improve the company’s public relation’s efforts in trying to influence public opinion and why?

Use the text and/or additional resources to support your rationale

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