Modern Day Slavery Discussion

Modern Day Slavery Discussion

Discussion post. please write 2-3 paragraphs on the topic below.

TOPIC; Modern Day Slavery

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  • Briefly share your reactions to this story.
  • What markers of global inequality can you identify in this story?
  • What theoretical approach of global inequality do you think is most applicable here? Explain your answer.
  • What structural systems are in place in this story that reinforce global inequality? of Form




Please write response to the peer’s article below; 5-8 sentences.

RE: Modern Day Slavery Top of Form

After reading the article “My Family’s Slave” I was nonetheless in tears. I had never really heard a story like such and never really realized that slavery was a part of other cultures and not just a horrific event in North America after exploration. Throughout the story there are so many markers of global inequalities, to start the origin of Lola’s slavery is one. She would not have been a slave to the author’s family had she not needed financial security. While she never ended up earning money she was given a place to stay and food to eat technically. Another indicator is her poor health, her teeth were crumbling over time with no health support, she was eventually given dentures but the nonexistent access to healthcare could have allowed for her to keep her teeth. Not to mention, the way that Lola was meant to be given pay but never received it shows how subordinate she was in the eyes of the author’s parents.

The Dependency Theory which is conflict based is the more applicable approach. Even though it is mentioned that slavery was already present in the Philipines prior to European involement, it was also heightened when the Spanish arrived and took over. The Spanish much so spread and normalized slavery in a new way that it was not seen in the Philipines before. The Dependency Theory relates heavily to the exploitation of poorer nations by wealthier ones. This is seen because when the Spanish conquered the Philippines, they left the country even poorer and at great disadvantage, so as a result many people were unable to gain wealth and were forced into slavery because of debts, but also because it meant they had shelter and food.

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