Mod 3 DQ 1 & Mod 3 DQ 2


Mod 3 DQ 1      due 7-19-2017



Review the document defining the Dissertation Roles and Responsibilities on the DC Network. Find it using the DC Network search function. Identify any questions you have on the responsibilities. How does the role of your chair differ from the role of instructors in previous classes you have taken? How is your role different? Are these roles different than you expected? Why or why not? Why is it very important to you, personally and professionally, to be proactive in establishing a positive working relationship with your chair and committee members? Knowing that professional difference of opinion or conflict is inevitable on dissertation committees, how will you leverage these to improve creativity?




Mod 3 DQ 2       due 7-22-2017




Review the Prospectus Template, Dissertation Proposal Template, Milestone Guide, and Milestone Table in the DC Network and discuss how these documents have been helpful to you in completing your ISP. What challenges have you encountered while developing your ISP? How will you work with your chair to address these challenges so that you can meet the goals in your ISP?


After reviewing the Content Expert presentation, what steps have you taken to identify a content expert to serve on your committee

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