Milwaukee Survey of the Health Professions

Milwaukee Survey of the Health Professions

Assignment goal: Explore commonly used databases related to career information and exploration. Assess key features of selected careers

Assignment requirements: (you can complete this assignment on this page following each numbered item)

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  1. Identify one career or interest (ideally this is one in the health professions or related business)
  2. Detail the essential knowledge and skills needed for the career. This can be a bullet list and should represent the profession but does not need to be inclusive of all possibilities
  3. List where people in this profession are likely to work (there can be more than one)
  4. Compare the job outlook (growth %) the size of the workforce and compare Wisconsin to national growth and workforce. Give the time period (i.e. 2016-2026 – these should be the dates identified in the database)
  5. Propose a career ladder. Is there a related career you can do before the entry level position you are interested in? Is there a related career that you could move into after gaining additional education or experience?