Mesa Community Hanta Virus Outbreak Questions

Mesa Community Hanta Virus Outbreak Questions

Hantavirus outbreak

Please read Garrett (1994) Chapter 15 “All in good haste: Hantaviruses in America” from the book The Coming Plague. Using this resource, answer the following questions using complete sentences and proper citation. For example, if you use a quote you can cite as Garrett (1994) or (Garrett, 1994) and then give the complete citation at the end in a references cited section (along with any other citations used).

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  • Who are the first victims that alert medical professionals of the new mysterious mini-epidemic? How were these cases and others linked as a mysterious disease? (4 points)
  • What symptoms characterized cases and what information was learned from the autopsies? Why was plague suspected, and how was it ruled out? (8 points)
  • After plague was ruled out, what did Dr. Cheek suspect the cause of the outbreak was initially and why? What proved or disproved this idea? (6 points)
  • How many cases and deaths were identified by the beginning of June? How did the CDC become involved? What was on the short list of potential causes that Butler and colleagues made? (6 points)
  • How did media reports affect relations with members of the Navajo Nation? What were their concerns and how were these addressed? (6 points)
  • How was the cause of the disease ultimately identified? (5 points)
  • Why were some physicians initially doubtful that the cause of the outbreak was a hantavirus? How were hantaviruses first identified and what symptoms do they typically cause? (6 points)
  • How was the reservoir of the virus identified? (6 points)
  • What does Garrett see as the two “old principles of epidemic investigation” and the new principle that resulted in quickly identifying the cause of this outbreak? (3 points)